About Nordien System

Nordien-System is the UK market leader in the design and manufacture of dishwashing handling systems, supplying industrial and professional kitchens of all sizes; renowned for high quality and reliable products. The Nordien-System products we supply are innovatively designed, sturdy and built to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen, in a variety of establishments from hospitals and schools to top star restaurants.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience to Give You Solutions

By listening to how you operate and applying our extensive knowledge and experience we will add value to your kitchen design by providing a solution that gives you an efficient and reliable system. Our team are happy to discuss your requirements with a variety of people from builders and designers to your chef and other catering personnel. You will get the kitchen and service area you are seeking for a safe and efficient kitchen, whilst providing you with value for money and a real return on your investment.

Nordien-System Dishwashing Handling Products Delivers Results

By using equipment from our wide range of Nordien-System products you will be able to handle crockery, cutlery and glasses with the minimum amount of contact so you will provide a quicker, more hygienic and efficient service.

The equipment supplied to you has been developed through Nordien-System’s many years of experience in the dishwashing industry. The equipment delivers results, based on practical solutions which have been successfully proven to work in demanding kitchen settings.

Save time and money by using the specialised Nordien-System equipment.

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Cutlery Handling

Carousel Systems

To find out more about us and the Nordien-System products we supply please call our team now to discuss what you need from your dishwashing and serving equipment.